October 30, 1997......Volume 27, Issue 11

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Still going strong after 50 years of teaching
The professor emeritus, who teaches gratis, is still on the job and showing no signs of slowing down. For decades, Stahl has been educating petroleum engineers -- some of whom weren't even born when the oil crisis of the early '70s struck or the Trans Alaska Pipeline was completed in 1977. According to colleagues, Stahl not only has educated more than 1,500 petroleum engineers during his longstanding teaching career, but he also has been the heart and soul of Penn State's petroleum and natural gas engineering program for most of its 65-year history, even serving as department head from 1963 to 1984.

Enrollment increases at campuses
Enrollment at the University's 24 campuses reached an all-time high of 78,956 for the 1997 fall semester, according to official figures released Wednesday. This number represents an overall increase of 1,498 students since last year.

New York Times staff to visit University Park
Some media heavyweights from the editorial staff of The New York Times will be on the University Park campus for one week in early November to lecture and teach -- a direct result of a newly established newspaper readership program at Penn State.

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