July 1, 1999......Volume 29, Issue 1

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State high court rules Hershey Medical Center not immune from taxes
The state Supreme Court on June 22 overturned two lower court rulings and held that Penn State's Hershey Medical Center property was not immune from real estate taxation. The Supreme Court said that immunity from taxation is limited to property actually owned or controlled by the Commonwealth, and that this immunity does not extend to instrumentalities of the Commonwealth, like Penn State.

After three administrations, this senior v.p. ready to retire
From the recent mergers of two medical facilities and the launch of two capital fund-raising campaigns, to the construction boom of the late 1980s and the belt-tightening of the early 1990s -- Herrmann, senior vice president for administration, has been a behind-the-scenes player for three University presidents.

Teamsters OK four-year agreement
Members of Teamsters Local Union No. 8 employed by Penn State have ratified a new collective bargaining agreement with the University to replace the current agreement, which expired June 30. Teamsters Local Union No. 8 represents the bargaining unit consisting of approximately 2,100 technical service employees at all University locations throughout the state.


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