July 16, 1999......Volume 29, Issue 2

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Trustees OK $1.58 billion budget
Having just received the largest state appropriation increase in a decade, Penn State now has a more than $1.58 billion total operating budget in place for 1999-2000. On July 13, the University Board of Trustees approved the budget, which reflects an increase of $71,465,000 or 4.7 percent over last year's numbers.

Tuition to rise by 4.43 percent
The Board of Trustees has approved a 4.43 percent basic tuition increase for the 1999-2000 academic year. The tuition increase will include $17 per semester to support a capital improvement plan and $14 per semester to support a transportation plan.

Erickson comfortable in role as new chief academic officer
In office for a little more than two weeks as Penn State's new executive vice president and provost, Rodney Erickson feels comfortable in a role he believes he has been preparing for throughout his professional career.

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