November 18, 1999......Volume 29, Issue 17

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Computer-simulated worlds make "virtually" anything possible
Students and faculty at University Park are fully "immersing" themselves in 3-D simulations -- in some cases "flying" without a plane and even traveling through walls.

University begins project to upgrade 40-year-old dam
Penn State will soon begin a $2.8 million project to repair and upgrade the spillway at Shaver's Creek Dam, an earthen structure built in 1959. The dam itself is in good shape, but as part of the spillway repair project, the state Department of Environmental Protection has asked the University to enlarge the spillway to bring the dam up to current state standards.

Large class takes a dramatic turn of events
"Large lecture classes often get a bad rap. But a large class actually enhances the theatrical experience," McGregor said. "We have a legitimate audience, with a diverse cross-section of ethnicities, nationalities and majors, who are bound together as they watch and discuss performances. The effect would be lost with a class of 20 students."


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