September 9, 1999......Volume 29, Issue 7

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Task force seeks improvements to train and recruit international TAs
Penn State is helping academic departments improve the English language proficiency skills of their international teaching assistants (ITA) as part of an overall initiative to enhance preparedness of all teaching assistants. In turn, University and student leaders plan to promote greater appreciation of international cultures among undergraduates.

Center helps nation reconstruct Civil War
A newspaper editor in Bellefonte is arrested and carted off to military prison for printing criticisms of the president. Men in Clearfield County turn a lumber camp into a fort to shelter deserters from the army. Throughout the northern United States, thousands of men flee to Canada rather than face a draft. Headlines from the Vietnam War?

University signs contract with Microsoft
An innovative contract signed with Microsoft will allow thousands of faculty, staff and students at all Penn State locations to soon have access to some of the latest and most popular computer software. The contract allows the University to provide software, without charge to students and academic, service and administrative departments. The program also solves some of the most difficult issues facing academic computing -- cost containment, compatibility and security.


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