March 30, 2000......Volume 29, Issue 29

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Public university presidents call for new action
Leaders of state universities nationwide were in Washington March 21 to ask for greater public support to continue providing quality education and more resources.

Fulbright program active and strong
Penn State has long been an active participant in the Fulbright Senior Scholar exchange program and this year, eight faculty or staff members are lecturing or conducting research abroad as Fulbright Scholars. In addition, Penn State is a popular destination for international Fulbright Scholars who come to study and conduct research with noted scholars in the U.S. This year, four international Fulbright Scholars are working with Penn State faculty.

Penn State Newswire helps subscribers keep in touch
In less than a month, Penn State's free electronic news service that's offered daily has expanded from approximately 15,000 subscribers to more than 35,000 subscribers. A recent e-mail note from University President Graham B. Spanier to thousands of alumni resulted in the large jump in subscriptions.


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