Penn State Intercom......June 21, 2001

Ernest R. Weidhaas, professor emeritus of engineering graphics.

Reading Architectural Plans for Residential and Commercial Construction, fifth edition, Prentice Hall Publishers, Columbus, Ohio

The text includes hand-drawn and computer-generated plans and photographs of both office and residential homes. A comprehensive student workbook and an instructor's handbook, were published concurrently.


Stephen J. Cimbala, professor of political science.

Deterrence and Nuclear Proliferation in the Twenty-First Century, Praeger Publishers, 2001.

Cimbala was editor for the book, which brings together a number of academic and other experts in the field of nuclear arms and proliferation to discuss contemporary and future problems for the U.S. strategy and policy. The authors contend that the end of the Cold War may make the problem of containing the spread of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction harder, not easier, to manage.