Penn State Intercom......November 8, 2001

Historical street clocks
to be senior class gift

By Laura Stocker
University Relations

The Class of 2002 has chosen to fund the installation of historical street clocks on the University Park campus for its senior class gift. Seniors have pledged more than $16,000 so far to the project. The number of clocks will depend on the final cost of each clock and the total amount of money raised by the class. gift1

The seniors also voted to dedicate the gift to the memory of the victims of the tragic events of Sept. 11, according to Erica Schneider, chair of the senior class gift committee.

"This year's gift provides a new element for the campus that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing," said Schneider, a geology major. "The clocks will be new landmarks on campus, providing time pieces for those out of sight of the Old Main bell tower."

Schneider notes that the designer of the clocks has not yet been determined, but it is proposed that they have a historic look similar to ones found in downtown State College. The final design and locations for the clocks will be determined by representatives of the Senior Class Gift Committee and the Offices of Physical Plant and Campus Planning and Design.

The winning idea came from two seniors, Allison Meybohn and Jennifer Stern, who made separate proposals for street clocks.

About 1,700 seniors cast ballots during the week of Oct. 22-26 in-person and online -- a record for voting turnout -- with 72 percent choosing to vote via the Web. The street-clock project won over two other items, a scholarship to support campus unity and an outdoor café/patio for the Career Services Building, with nearly three-fourths of the ballots being cast for the clocks.

Funding for senior class gifts is raised through members of the senior class pledging the balance of their general deposit. The University holds general deposits for each student to cover unforeseen expenses, fees and emergency costs.

Seniors have been making class gifts to the University for more than 100 years.

For a list of gifts from previous senior classes, check the Web at