Book Shelf
Penn State Intercom......October 18, 2001

Erwin A. Vogler, associate professor of materials science and engineering.

Water in Biomaterials Surface Science, John Wiley and Sons Ltd. Publishers

Vogler wrote three chapters for the book: "Biological Properties of Water" (chapter one), "On the Origins of Water Wetting Terminology" (chapter six) and "How Water Wets Biomaterial Surfaces" (chapter 10). The book, edited by Marco Morra, was written by an international team of scientists. It presents the latest ideas and research on molecular hydration and hydration forces, and how they determine the interaction between water molecules and biomaterials surfaces.

Warren Wake, associate professor of architecture and integrative arts.

Design Paradigms: A Sourcebook for Creative Visualization, published by John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York.

The book, which deals with creativity and problem-solving, is for anyone interested in how things work. It builds an understanding of design fundamentals underlying a variety of everyday objects and natural organisms and explores how these principles can be used in problem-solving.