Penn State Intercom......October 4, 2001

University launches multi-year
'Creating Health' project

Outreach and Cooperative Extension will launch a multi-year health education and public service initiative this month. "Creating Health" will use multi-media and community outreach to deliver health education and resources to communities throughout Pennsylvania.

Creating Health's educational content partners include the College of Agricultural Sciences, the College of Health and Human Development, the College of Medicine, Penn State Public Broadcasting, Cooperative Extension, Continuing Education and the World Campus/Distance Education.

"The long-term goal of Creating Health is to develop a health education model and learning tool kit that can be replicated nationwide. The Creating Health project is grounded in the Penn State land grant mission, and is aimed at addressing the educational needs of families and health care providers," said James H. Ryan, vice president for Outreach and Cooperative Extension.

The Creating Health initiative will consist of relevant health information and wellness-related content, delivered through an array of trusted sources, including public television and radio broadcasts, interactive Web sites, exhibits at point-of-service sites and community-based programs. Penn State Cooperative Extension family living agents will identify public service leaders in their communities and coordinate educational events and activities in counties targeting specific health needs. The goal of the Creating Health programs is to encourage individuals and families to take an active role in decision-making about health-related issues and lifestyle choices.

The first Creating Health topic, "Osteoporosis and Bone Health" will premier in October with public broadcasting programs on WPSX-TV and WITF-TV, community outreach and an interactive Web site:

Future programs will include disease prevention, diet, exercise and nutrition.

For information, call WPSX-TV at (814) 865-3333 or check the Web site listed above.