Penn State Intercom......October 4, 2001

Vision plan includes
mail order option

National Vision Administrators (NVA) announced the immediate availability of a mail-order program for contact lens wearers. Contact Fill is offered by NVA through its CFI affiliate and makes available all major brands of disposables, gas permeable, hard lenses and others. This program offers significant savings and the convenience of direct delivery to participants' homes. All participants and their eligible family members can use this program. Contacts may be ordered by phone, mail, fax or e-mail.

It is important to note that the Penn State vision plan provides a benefit for lenses and frames or for contacts every other year. However, the Contact Fill program may be used at any time, even in those years when the contact lens benefit is not available.

When ordering disposable contacts, the request should be sent at least two weeks before the supply runs out. Orders will be delivered by United Parcel Service or by First Class Mail within seven to 10 business days from receipt of the order.

A prescription will be required when ordering contacts through CFI. If a copy of the contact lens prescription is not available, participants may provide the eye doctor's name and phone number and CFI's prescription verification team will obtain that information.

Order forms may be requested from NVA at (800) 672-7723. Information regarding cost and availability of specific brands should be directed to CFI at (866) CFI-1EYE (866-234-1393).

Additional questions regarding the Penn State vision plan should be directed to the Employee Benefits Division at or (814) 865-1473.