Penn State Intercom......April 11, 2002

First-Year Experience
Conference to be held in May

The upcoming First-Year Experience Conference for faculty, advisers and staff from all University locations will be held May 6-7 at University Park.

Held by the Office of Undergraduate Education, the conference promises to provide some valuable insight into the college graduates of 2006. For example, most students starting college this coming fall were born in 1983 -- the same year as the PC and Mac. To them, artificial hearts always have been ticking; Diet Coke always has been in existence; they never have experienced a real recession; Cal Ripken always has been playing baseball; they probably never have used carbon paper; a mouse is not a rodent; and they've always had access to e-mail.

To better understand and relate to first-year students, attendees will be involved in a variety of interactive sessions aimed at helping them succeed. Topics range from cultural styles of the incoming student, learning communities, student-organized first-year programs, student development, peer mentoring, course management, civic engagement, critical thinking, Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP), student reading proficiency and assessment. Additionally, students from the School of Theatre Arts' Loaves and Fishes Traveling Repertory Theatre will weave in their reflections and observations throughout the conference.

M. Lee Upcraft, assistant vice president emeritus for student affairs and affiliate professor emeritus of higher education, is keynote speaker. Known internationally for his work, he has been contributing to the college student development literature for more than 30 years.

The conference will be held in Thomas Building from 12:30 p.m. Monday, May 6, through noon Tuesday, May 7. A dinner Monday evening will be held at the Faculty/Staff Club.

There is no conference fee; however, those traveling will need to cover their transportation and accommodations. Registration information will be available soon.