Photo Gallery
Penn State Intercom......January 31, 2002

The first permanent Penn State technical center was established in the attic of the Stevens School at Sixth and Tilghman streets in Allentown in 1912.


Centre Community Hospital, foreground, stands in the shadow of Beaver Stadium on the University Park campus.
Photo: Annemarie Mountz


Janice C. Light, professor of communication disorders, began teaching at the University in 1990.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Dean Alters, from Lion Country Electric, is one of the many demolition company employees helping to take down two sections of the Nittany Parking Deck on the University Park campus. Alters is removing electrical wiring form the structure, so that the next team can come in and advance the project, which, when completed, will expand parking at the deck.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Gary Perdue, a retired senior producer at WPSX-TV, has started a second career as sculpture major at the University. After creating a clay mold, he pours plaster into it.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Kristen Fitch, an undergraduate art student in the College of Arts and Architecture, constructs a lizard for her Art 230 class.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Joseph P. Cusumano, associate professor of engineering science and mechanics, has studied how the steadiness of a marksman's aim may have applications in diagnosing and tracking the progression of a neuro-muscular disorder or injury.
Photo: Greg Grieco

The smallest of the ultrasonic, piezoelectric motors developed by researchers at the Materials Research Institute is about the size of a grain of rice.

A room with a view

Thanks to Melanie Eger, occupants of 401 Old Main on the University Park campus no longer see a blank wall when they look out their windows. The junior art student has brightened the wall with a mural depicting what they would see if the wall weren't there.


The work in progress shows one of the flagpoles on the Old Main Lawn.