Penn State Intercom......January 31 , 2002

Nominations sought
for honorary degrees

The Committee on Honorary Degrees is seeking assistance as they develop a list of potential recipients of an honorary doctoral degree from the University.

The list will include eminent scholars, performers, artists, and practitioners in academic fields, and individuals who have made particularly distinguished contributions to society in areas such as public service, business or government.

The guidelines, developed and approved by the Board of Trustees include the following criteria for eligibility for an honorary degree:

* Sustained achievement and distinction of national or international significance in an activity consonant with the mission of the University.

* The nomination of individuals whose achievements and distinction have not been similarly recognized by a number of other institutions is encouraged.

* Alumni of the University are eligible.

* Persons serving as administrators, faculty or staff of the University are not eligible, nor are persons currently serving as members of the Board of Trustees, as officials of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its subordinate units or members of the Legislature, during their terms of office; nor are spouses or immediate family members of the foregoing persons eligible.

All nominations are welcome. However, the committee asks that that individuals don't tell the nominated candidate since the process is designed to be confidential and only a small portion of those nominated are ultimately selected. Nominations should include the name and a short biography if one is readily available. Send nominations to Janis Jacobs, vice president for administration, 201 Old Main, University Park, PA, 16802 or via e-mail to by Friday, March 22.