Photo Gallery
Penn State Intercom......May 9, 2002

This archive photo shows surveying students in the early days of the program which began in 1957.

Hayfield House, shown above in an undated archive photo and below as it looks today, once was the summer home of John and Bertha Conyngham. The building now houses offices and classrooms.


Auctioneer Ron Gilligan Sr. listens to the bidding at the annual salvage auction held recently on the University Park campus. Equipment and unclaimed bicycles were among the merchandise that crossed the block.
Photo: Greg Grieco


An onlooker admires Anne, 1990, an aluminum cut-out by Alex Katz. This piece is part of a permanent collection on display at the Palmer Museum of Art on the University Park campus.
Photo: Annemarie Mountz


Sandra Spanier will be spending a lot of times in libraries, searching the archives for Hemingway correspondence.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Hemingway scholar Sandra Spanier has an extensive collection of Hemingway works and related research materials.
Photo: Greg Grieco

This image is among the many pieces of Hemingway memorabilia in Sandra Spanier's collection.

She works for peanuts


Asia the elephant, a performer in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey three-ring circus, decided to get up close and personal with the photographer while the show was at Uni-versity Park. The circus presented several shows over a four-day period at The Bryce Jordan Center. For more photos, go to
Photo: Annemarie Mountz


Elton John pounded the keyboards during his Jan. 16 appearance at The Bryce Jordan Center with Billy Joel, another piano man.

Neil Diamond may sing about being a "Solitary Man," but his concert was one of the Jordan Center's top sellers in the first quarter of the year.


A small study of smokers found that smokers trying to kick the habit have symptoms similar to those experienced by patients undergoing an inflammatory response, according to Elizabeth Corwin, assistant professor in the School of Nursing.
Photo: Greg Grieco


Construction on the Eisenhower Parking Deck is under way and is scheduled to run through August.
Photos: Greg Grieco

Construction is on schedule at the Nittany Parking Deck on the University Park campus. The project should be completed by December and will add 523 parking spaces to the deck.