Penn State Intercom......October 3, 2002

College of Communications
outreach programs focus on
middle school, high school students

The College of Communications will sponsor six outreach programs for middle-school and high-school students and their advisers in 2003. The six programs represent an increase from four during the past year.

The programs available for the students and their advisers range from journalism to webcasting. Specifically, they include:

* The Penn State Institute for Middle School Journalists (May 10), and the Penn State Institute for High School Journalists (July 20-24), which give students interested in journalism the opportunity to work as reporters, editors, photographers and producers and to learn good print, broadcast and photojournalism practices from faculty members with professional experience.

* The Penn State Institute for High School Yearbook Editors and Advisers (June 7), a one-day program from that will help yearbook editors and advisers develop plans for their publications.

* The Penn State Institute for High School Filmmakers (two sessions, July 20-24 and July 27-31), which
teaches students to be writers, directors, actors, cinematographers and editors, and to learn the basic techniques necessary to bring their creative visions to the screen.

* The Penn State Institute for High School Advanced Photojournalists (Aug. 3-7) is for students who are interested in advancing their photojournalism skills.

* The Penn State Institute for Webcasting (June 22-25), which will provide students with an understanding and experience using the Internet to broadcast audio and video.

Faculty for the various programs include middle and high school teachers, and Penn State faculty and staff.
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