Penn State Intercom......October 31, 2002

Schreyer Institute seeks
proposals for new grants

The Schreyer Institute has announced a call for proposals for several new grant opportunities designed to enhance the support provided for course and curricular innovation projects across the University.

As a result of the July 2002 merger of the Schreyer Institute for Innovation in Learning (SIIL), Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), Teaching and Learning Consortium (TLC), and University Testing Services (UTS) within the Office of Undergraduate Education, the new Schreyer Institute has reorganized the Fund for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (FELT) and the Schreyer Institute Awards.

The five new grant opportunities include Large-Scale Initiative Grants, Innovation Incentive Grants, Innovation Planning Grants, Teaching Enrichment Travel Grants and Equipment Grants to Support Innovation.

Large-Scale Initiative Grants provide instructional design and assessment support as well as funds to assist departments, divisions, schools and colleges with the development of innovations that address initiatives that are important to the undergraduate teaching and learning environment at the University.

Innovation Incentive Grants offer funding, instructional design and assessment support to individual faculty or groups of faculty who are interested in developing course and curricular innovations that involve the implementation of new strategies to improve student learning.

The deadline for the Large-Scale Initiative and Innovation Incentive grants is Dec. 1 for projects that will begin in spring semester or later.

Innovation Planning Grants help faculty pilot new strategies to improve student learning or evaluate the course they intend to modify. There is no application deadline and proposals are currently being accepted for projects that begin in the 2003-2004 academic year.

Teaching Enrichment Travel Grants are available to support travel to disseminate findings from course or curricular change, attend workshops or conferences on instructional methods or visit funding agencies to discuss an educational program proposal. There is no application deadline, however, proposals currently are being accepted for travel that will be completed by June 30.

Equipment Grants to Support Innovation aid the purchase of laboratory supplies or equipment necessary for course and curricular innovations. Applications for this grant currently are being accepted for the 2003-2004 academic year.

Additional information including award deadlines and amounts, matching requirements, and other details are available at, by e-mailing the Schreyer Institute at or by calling (814) 865-8681.