Penn State Intercom......January 30, 2003

Fair offers variety
of service opportunitiesvol_lionshare

Students looking for opportunities to volunteer this semester paid a visit to the Spring 2003 Volunteer Fair held Jan. 21 in Alumni Hall at the HUB-Robeson Center on the University Park campus.

Sponsored by the AT&T Center for Service Leadership, the fair matches hundreds of students with representatives from more than 50 local, nonprofit agencies, such as The Second Mile, The Alzheimer's Association, Alpha Ambulance, Alpha Fire Company, The AIDS Project, Centre Home Care, Food Bank of State College, Heart to Heart Adoption Services, International Hospitality Council, Hope for Kids, Shaver's Creek Environmental Center, the Peace Corps and the Office of Health Promotions and Education.

Student groups, together with individual student volunteers, make the most of their University experience by contributing nearly vol_hope180,000 hours of local service each academic year.

Last September, Penn State took steps to broaden and extend its outreach and volunteer efforts by becoming a University of Promise. For more information on Penn State's University of Promise initiative, visit For more information on the AT&T Center for Service Leadership, visit more pictures of the day's events, visit