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Penn State Awards Recognition


Faculty & Staff Awards

Undergraduate Faculty Teaching Awards

  • The Milton S. Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching
  • The George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • The Penn State Teaching Fellow:
  • The Alumni / Student Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • The Penn State Excellence in Advising Award
  • The President's Award for Excellence in Academic Integration
  • The President's Award for Engagement with Students
  • The Undergraduate Program Leadership Award

Graduate Faculty Teaching Awards

  • The Howard B. Palmer Faculty Mentoring Award
  • The Graduate Faculty Teaching Award
  • The Graduate School Alumni Society Graduate Program Chair Leadership Award

Faculty Scholar Medals

Faculty & Staff Achievement Awards

  • The Barash Award for Human Service
  • The McKay Donkin Award
  • The Award for Administrative Excellence
  • The Staff Excellence Award
  • The Support Staff Award
  • The Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award
  • The W. LaMarr Kopp International Faculty & Staff Achievement Award
  • The Penn State Award for Faculty Outreach


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