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Penn State Awards Recognition


The Undergraduate Faculty Teaching Awards

The Milton S. Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching

The Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching, established in 1992, is generally awarded to two faculty who, in addition to being outstanding teachers have also provided some kind of support or mentoring to others. To be considered for the Eisenhower Award, nominees must be tenured members, employed as a full-time faculty member for a minimum of ten years, and have undergraduate teaching as a major portion of her or his assignment. Members of a research staff, administrators, and those who are predominantly teachers of graduate students are not eligible for these awards.

Contact: Brenda Yingling | For more information, please visit:

The George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching

The George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching, named for the seventh president of the University (1882-1906), is presented each year to four faculty members who have devoted substantial effort to undergraduate teaching. In addition, to be considered for the Atherton Award, nominees must have undergraduate teaching as a major portion of their duties, have been full-time faculty members for a minimum of three years, and have the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor. Members of a research staff, adminstrators, and those who are predominantly teachers of graduate students are not eligible for these awards.

Contact: Brenda Yingling | For more information, please visit:

The Penn State Teaching Fellow

The Alumni/Student Award for Excellence in Teaching

This award, made possible by the Penn State Alumni Association, the Undergraduate Student Government, and the Graduate Student Association, recognizes distinguished teaching and provides a forum for encouraging effective teaching. Three awards will be presented. No more than two may be given to University Park faculty members. Recipients must be current tenured faculty with a minimum of three years teaching experience at Penn State. Recipients will be asked to share their talents and expertise with others throughout the University system. Year-long responsibilities may include such activities as participating in workshops and symposia, giving lectures or presentations on teaching techniques for new faculty and graduate assistants, taking part in discussions or seminars with students in the Schreyer Honors College, or teaching honors courses.

Contact: Deb Marron (or) Mona Shaw | Please visit:

The Penn State Excellence in Advising Award

The Penn State Excellence in Advising Award, established by the Undergraduate Student Government’s Academic Assembly and sponsored by each college, annually honors one full-time faculty member and one full-time professional advisor from any Penn State location who have at least five years of advising experience. Selection criteria are based on excellence in general advising, academic guidance, career guidance, enthusiasm, and assistance in decision-making and goal-setting. Award recipients are expected to share their successful advising techniques and expertise with other faculty and graduate assistants by participating in lectures, workshops, and symposia throughout the year.

Contact: USG Academic Assembly & Office of Undergraduate Education | 417 Old Main | (814) 863-1864

The President's Award for Excellence in Academic Integration

This award is given to a full-time member of the faculty who has exhibited extraordinary achievement in the integration of teaching, research or creative accomplishment, and service.

Contact: Katryn L. Boynton | Office of the Provost | 201 Old Main | (814) 863-7494

President's Award for Engagement with Students

Through the gift of a generous donor, a new President's Award for Engagement with Students is being given to a faculty member who goes beyond his or her responsibilities to engage and encourage students in learning, demonstrating deep caring and involvement with students' learning. The honoree will have taken specific actions to be involved in student growth and learning—academic, social and professional. The recipient will have been available to interact with students outside class, link students to opportunities, and help them build their confidence as learners and potential contributors to society. Three-fifths of the monetary award goes directly to the recipient and two-fifths to the professor's department to be managed by the recipient and used for extending the kinds of activities the award recognizes.

Contact: Sally Butts | Office of Undergraduate Education | 412 Old Main | (814) 863-1864

Undergraduate Program Leadership Award

The Undergraduate Program Leadership Award is meant to recognize a faculty member who has demonstrated exemplary leadership benefiting an existing Penn State undergraduate degree program. The goal of the award is to recognize those individuals who have major responsibilities for the delivery of undergraduate education within a unit and who are providing leadership that has transformed or revitalized the undergraduate program within the unit in some way.

Contact: Susan Ake | 417 Old Main | p (814) 863-1864 | f (814) 863-7452


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