Suggested Questions for Exit Interviews for Faculty Who Are Retiring

(Faculty members who are retiring to take positions elsewhere will be asked the questions listed for that group of faculty as well.)

1) Why did you decide to retire?

2) What are the major changes you have seen at Penn State, and how do you evaluate them?

3) How do you assess your last years at Penn State, and your level of satisfaction as opposed to your earlier years?

4) Do you feel Penn State is moving in the right direction? Are there any pitfalls that you would suggest we need to avoid?

5) What advice would you have for us to enable us to become a better institution?

6) Do you expect to keep some connection with Penn State after retirement? What might Penn State (including your campus, department and college) do to help you to keep your ties with the institution?

7) How effective was the retirement advice you received?


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