Penn State Laureate

The 2016-17 Penn State Laureate is Rebecca Strzelec, Professor of Visual Arts in the Altoona College.


The Penn State Laureate is a full-time faculty member who is assigned half-time to serve as the University Laureate for one academic year.

During this year, the individual selected will be available to appear regularly at University events at University Park, on the Commonwealth Campuses, and throughout the state at community and state-wide events. The laureate will bring an enhanced level of social, cultural, artistic, and human perspective and awareness to a broad array of audiences.

The laureate will be a highly visible representative of the University who will use the position to bring greater visibility to his or her own work, to bring great credit to Penn State, and who will add a more human dimension to the conduct of the usual affairs and business of the Commonwealth, the University, and communities.

Among the contributions that are possible are:

  • Weekly contributions to the Newswires
  • Vignettes at University events
  • WPSU-TV and radio appearances, readings, and features
  • Community outreach
  • Visits to campus
  • Facilitating other faculty and students to engage in the above activities
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Previous Penn State Laureates

2015-16 - Carol Reardon, George Winfree Professor of American History, College of the Liberal Arts

2014-15 - Susan Russell, Associate Professor of Theatre, College of the Liberal Arts

2013-14 - Kenneth Womack, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of English and Integrative Arts, Altoona College

2012-13 - Christopher Staley, Distinguished Professor of Art, College of Arts and Architecture.

2011-12 - Linda Patterson Miller, Professor of English, Abington College

2010-11 - Robin Becker, Professor of English and Women’s Studies, College of the Liberal Arts

2009-10 - Anthony T. Leach, Associate Professor of Music/Music Education, College of Arts and Architecture

2008-09 - Kim Cook, Professor of Music in Cello, College of Arts and Architecture


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