Revisions to HR-23 and the Administrative Guidelines

The revisions to the 2015-16 Administrative Guidelines for HR-23: Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations are noted below:

Throughout the document, the title for the Vice President for Research was revised.  With the separation of the Law schools, the names of Dickinson Law and Penn State Law were revised accordingly.

III.C.2.e (Page 7) – As more colleges begin using Activity Insight, the option for three separate candidate narrative statements in the relevant sections of the dossier was eliminated. 

III.C.2.8 (Page 9) – Clarification of listings of work in progress and grants not funded are not to be included in sixth-year and early tenure reviews.

Appendix B (Pages 32-33) - The Timetable for 2015-16 Promotion and Tenure Reviews has been updated.

Appendix F (Page 39) - Under Dossier Dividers and Forms, it is noted that the following dossier dividers have been revised. 

  • Promotion and Tenure Form (page 40) – Updated title of the Vice President for Research.

  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Page 44) – Revision of the first two bullets to include credit and non-credit courses to bring in line with Activity Insight.

  • The Scholarship of Research and Creative Accomplishments (Pages 46-47) – Revision of first bullet to include refereed conference proceedings (#5) and clarified manuscripts in progress are not included sixth-year reviews.  On second page, clarification of not funded proposals not being included in sixth year reviews.

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