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  • Benjamin Savonen, a mechanical engineering graduate student, holds a 3D printed plastic tweezer.

    3D Printing with a Purpose

    Student researchers on the Kijenzi venture team are developing a 3D printing system to boost healthcare affordability and accessibility in low-resource areas like rural Kenya.

  • A Penn State staff member explains the Zombie Ant Experience installation.

    Art Meets Science

    From illustrating complex ideas to shifting the way we think about the everyday and uncovering answers to unanswered questions, Penn State researchers from all corners of the University have found unique ways to bring art and science together to inspire and educate others.

  • A researcher in a diving suit exploring the Varadero reef.

    From Land to Sea

    Unlikely as it may seem, Penn State’s coral reef group is one of the largest—and best—in the United States. The knowledge these scientists are gaining on the health of our oceans remains vital to combating the environmental impacts that threaten them.

  • Close up of a student in the navy ROTC color guard with the red flag

    Committed to Serve

    Penn State’s nationally recognized Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program provides a pathway to a degree, enhanced leadership training, and perspective for students and officers.

  • Graduating students in cap and gown pose around the Nittany Lion statue as a man takes a photo.

    Stepping into the Future

    Thousands of Penn State students earned their diplomas this past weekend during spring commencement ceremonies across the University. A few of those graduates share their stories and how Penn State helped them overcome the seemingly impossible.