Rural Sociology (R SOC)

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(*) R SOC 011 (GS) INTRODUCTORY RURAL SOCIOLOGY ( 3) Basic sociological concepts applied to rural societal institutions and rural communities; causes and consequences of rural social change.



R SOC 305W LEADERSHIP FOR SOCIAL CHANGE ( 3) Exploration, analysis, understanding, and application of leadership skills and concepts in groups, organizations, and communities. Prerequisite: 6 credits in social or behavioral sciences

R SOC 327 (S T S) SOCIETY AND NATURAL RESOURCES ( 3) Analysis of the relationships between societal development and enhancement and natural resources.

R SOC 356 RURAL COMMUNITY SERVICES ( 3) Analysis of provider and consumer factors influencing the provision of community services in rural areas; sociological analysis and interpretation emphasized. Prerequisite: R SOC 011 or 3 credits in related social science

R SOC 402 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS ( 3) The principles of consumer behavior applied to the marketing of agricultural products and farm supplies. Prerequisite: 3 credits in agricultural economics or economics, and 3 credits in rural sociology, sociology, or psychology

R SOC 417 (CEDEV) POWER, CONFLICT, AND COMMUNITY DECISION MAKING ( 3) Theory and analysis of power, conflict and decision making, and community crisis. Community change illustrations will be used. Prerequisite: 6 credits in social or behavioral science

R SOC 420 (DF) (CEDEV;WMNST) WOMEN IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES ( 3) Analysis of women's work, experiences, and development policies and practices in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

R SOC 422 FAMILY IN RURAL SOCIETY ( 3) The relationship between the family and rural society, including critical review of theories, research and problems, issues, and trends. Prerequisite: 6 credits in the social sciences

R SOC 425 POVERTY ANALYSIS: PEOPLE AND PROGRAMS ( 3) Social and economic situations contributing to deprivation in rural society; intervention programs and policy development. Prerequisite: 6 credits in sociology, economics, or related areas

R SOC 444 SOCIAL CHANGE IN RURAL AMERICA ( 3) Analysis of causes of social change and its consequences for individuals, families, and organizations in rural communities. Prerequisite: R SOC 011 or 3 credits in related social science

R SOC 452 (CEDEV) RURAL ORGANIZATION ( 3) Social organization and change in rural communities; use of sociological principles in analysis of rural problems and rural development. Prerequisite: 6 credits in rural sociology, sociology, or psychology

R SOC 460 (CEDEV) INTRODUCTION TO COMMUNITY INFORMATION SYSTEMS ( 3) Introduction to community information systems; information needs; common features; issues in development; organization vs. community-wide systems; current technologies. Prerequisite: 6 credits in quantification; 6 credits in social or behavioral science

R SOC 462 (CEDEV) COMMUNITY INFORMATION SYSTEMS LABORATORY ( 3) Laboratory for the development of a model community information system. Prerequisite: R SOC 460

R SOC 470 (CEDEV) COMPARATIVE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ( 3) Crosscultural community development projects and the problems encountered in each of the different cultural contexts. Prerequisite: 6 credits in social or behavioral science



R SOC 499 (GI) FOREIGN STUDY--RURAL SOCIOLOGY ( 1 -12) Study in selected countries of rural social institutions and current rural sociological problems.

R SOC 501 DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL SOCIOLOGY ( 3) Historical development with emphasis on American rural sociology. Odd years.

R SOC 502 USE OF THEORY IN RURAL SOCIOLOGY ( 3) Examine and evaluate metasociology of alternative theoretical systems applicable to rural society, with emphasis on American society. Prerequisite: 24 credits in sociology, including 6 in rural sociology and 3 in sociological theory

R SOC 505 (CEDEV) LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ( 3) Exploration, understanding, and application of leadership roles, strategies, and principles in group and community settings. Prerequisite: R SOC 305 ; 6 credits in social or behavioral sciences

R SOC 508 SOCIOLOGY OF AGRICULTURE ( 3) Sociological analysis of changes in the organization of agriculture and food systems in the United States and developing countries.

R SOC 515 (AEE) ENGAGEMENT THROUGH OUTREACH SCHOLARSHIP IN HIGHER EDUCATION ( 3) To develop an understanding of outreach scholarship as a nonformal educational system and its relationship to relevant social systems. Prerequisite: 9 credits in education, communication, and/or social sciences

R SOC 516 (CEDEV) CHANGE IN RURAL SOCIETY ( 3) Social change in rural society, emphasizing prediction and control of the change process. Even years.

R SOC 517 (CEDEV) INTERNATIONAL RURAL SOCIAL CHANGE ( 3) Implications of planned change for international rural societies, considering basic structural constraints, known institutional linkages, and potential synergetic consequences.

R SOC 520 (SOC) APPLIED SOCIOLOGICAL AND POLICY RESEARCH ( 3) A survey of the conceptual and methodological issues in applied sociology and policy research conducted by sociologists. Prerequisite: SOC 573

R SOC 522 DATA ANALYSIS IN RURAL SOCIOLOGY ( 1) Analysis of research data in rural sociology using computer library programs. Prerequisite: or concurrent: AG 400

R SOC 525 FERTILITY, POPULATION CHANGE, AND DEVELOPMENT ( 3) Fertility and population growth in less-developed countries; theories of fertility change, agricultural development, and population policies. Prerequisite: SOC 423 or prior work in population

R SOC 530 SOCIOLOGY AND DEMOGRAPHY OF POVERTY IN THE UNITED STATES ( 3) An in-depth treatment of sociological and demographic dimensions of poverty in rural and urban areas of the United States.

R SOC 552 THEORETICAL FRAMEWORKS FOR RURAL COMMUNITY RESEARCH ( 3) Application of community theories to the study of communities in rural areas. Prerequisite: R SOC 452

R SOC 555 (S T S) HUMAN DIMENSIONS OF NATURAL RESOURCES ( 3) Identification of the interrelationships and influence of human behavior and natural resources.

R SOC 573 METHODS OF SURVEY DATA ANALYSIS ( 3) Use of multivariate procedures in the analysis of survey data in the rural social sciences. Prerequisite: AG 400

R SOC 596 INDIVIDUAL STUDIES ( 1 - 9) Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.


(*) Students may take only one course for General Education credit from R SOC 011 GS or SOC 001 GS.

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