Andy High wins College of the Liberal Arts teaching award

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At the annual College of the Liberal Arts Awards Luncheon on April 6, 2011, Andy High won the Outstanding Teaching Award for Graduate Students. Here is the citation:

After demonstrating outstanding teaching in our introductory public speaking course, CAS 100, Andy High was chosen by the Department of Communication Arts & Sciences to re-design and serve as the lecturer for CAS 283, "Communication and Information Technology." He has taught the course for two years, consistently earning high praise from students. CAS 283 is a large class, with six sections serving 180 students, for which Andy has taken the primary responsibility as lecturer and leader. Andy instituted a core innovation for the course with a major emphasis on Social Informatics--the study of the social effects of communication and information technology. Students come into advanced classes full of enthusiasm for what they have learned from Andy High. In CAS 283 Andy lectures on computer security, censorship, and online communities, and engages students actively in learning how to use information technologies to gather, process, manage, and share information. Andy inspires his students with a genuine love of learning, helping them see the relevance of advanced communication research to everyday life, and modeling the sort of engaged, committed, and informed academic citizenship that he instills in his students. Andy High is an outstanding young scholar and a model Penn State teacher.

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