The Opportunity Network for Employment (ONE) Program Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I contact the coordinator of the ONE Program?

An appointment will be scheduled, at which point, additional information about the ONE Program will be provided to you. You will be asked about your educational background, work experience, and vocational interests.

If you choose to seek assistance through the ONE Program, you will be asked to sign a release form, allowing information about your skills and abilities to be obtained from the agency you currently receive assistance from (i.e. OVR, The Arc of Centre County, Skills of Central PA, etc.).

Does everyone who requests assistance through the ONE program get a job?

Participation in the ONE Program does not guarantee employment. Many qualified applicants apply for jobs, and managers determine which applicant to hire.

If I get a job with assistance from the ONE Program, what additional contact will I have with the ONE coordinator?

Prior to starting a job, you would meet with the ONE Program Coordinator to prepare a memo regarding the job you will begin and any assistance you may need to learn or perform the job. This memo will also be given to your supervisor, the human resource manager for the work unit, and your agency counselor.

If I get a job with assistance from the ONE Program and want to find a different job at a later date, can I request assistance through the ONE Program again?

Yes. We work with individuals over time as their employment situations or vocational interests change.

What if I need additional training and support from a job coach?

Funding from OVR or the Base Service Unit allows some individuals to qualify for job coaching services. Many managers at Penn State have hired employees who receive support from a job coach.

If I am unable to drive due to my disability, are there any transportation resources that might be helpful for me?

Yes. Persons with disabilities, who live in a rural area outside the CATA bus service area, may be eligible for the Rural Transportation Program for Persons with Disabilities.

This program provides door-to-door services for a nominal fee, and they operate Mon-Fri.

For additional information and eligibility requirements, please call the Centre County Office of Transportation Services at (814) 355-6807.

Do I need to notify the hiring manager I sought assistance through the ONE Program?

No. You can choose to receive indirect assistance through the ONE Program. This can include learning about the vacancy and application process for jobs at Penn State, getting help with writing a cover letter or resume, or with preparing for an interview.

What kind of jobs have persons with disabilities gotten with assistance from the ONE Program?

Persons with disabilities have obtained jobs that are as varied as those individuals’ abilities. Some of the jobs obtained include:

  • Administrative Support Assistant
  • Audio-Video Technician
  • Computer Programmer/Analyst
  • Concession Worker
  • Dishwasher
  • Farm Equipment Operator
  • Grounds Keeper
  • Guest Room Attendant
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Janitor
  • Laundry Worker
  • Maintenance Utility Worker
  • Optical Image Scanner
  • Prep Cook
  • Receptionist
  • Registration Clerk
  • Staff Assistant
  • Telephone Interviewer
  • Usher












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