Developing Intercultural Competency

Part One: Awareness

Description: This program is designed to address the realities of living and working in an increasingly global society where understanding other cultures is often an essential component of organizational success. Participants are encouraged to explore their feelings and perceptions about non-U.S. cultures in an effort to develop effective strategies to promote intercultural awareness and acceptance. This session is the first in a series on developing intercultural competence and focusses on awareness of personal cultural lenses.


  • Understand who we are, individually, as a cultural being
  • Develop awareness around personal cultural identities
  • Discover strategies for engaging in conversations around cultural differences
  • Learn how our similarities and our differences strengthen the work unit

Part Two: Knowledge


  • Gather information about other cultures.
  • Examine issues associated with acclimating to life in the United States.
  • Develop strategies to work more effectively with those whose cultures are different from their own.

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