Penn State Branch Campuses

Air Force ROTC is offered at specific Penn State Branch Campuses, however, only students attending Altoona and University park will go to Detachment 720. Other Branch Campus ROTC programs will be hosted at other Detachments. Check below for more information on where ROTC is available and those campus's respective detachments.

If you are interested in participating in ROTC, but it is not offered at your campus, talk to your academic advisor about a possible transfer to a campus that does offer ROTC.

Other ROTC Programs

Det 730 - University of Pittsburgh

New Kensington and Greater Allegheny

Det 752 - Wilkes University

Wilkes-Barre and Worthington-Scranton

Det 750 - St. Joseph's University

Abington, Brandywine, and Deleware Valley

Altoona Students

Students at Penn State Altoona are eligible to participate in the AFROTC program at University Park. Each year we have several students participate in the program by commuting one day a week to complete their Air Class and Leadership Laboratory. Students carpool to make traveling safe, convenient, and economical. Altoona Cadets also participate in physical training (“PT”) with the Army ROTC at the Altoona campus once a week and once a week at University Park before leadership laboratory.

In one or two years, you can transfer up to the University Park Campus and complete the AFROTC program with your peers.

To enroll in the program, find out more information, or speak to a fellow Altoona student in the AFROTC program, call us at 814-865-5453 or email us at