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Alumni Spotlight - Toni Marine Hoffman

Toni Marie Hoffman began her undergraduate career at Penn State Brandywine (then Delaware County) in Fall 2001. As a Cooper Scholar, Toni took honors courses in English composition, effective speech, introduction to psychology, microeconomics, and natural disasters. She also completed an independent study doing a qualitative grain-size analysis comparison between Ocean City, Maryland, and Assateague National Island Seashore. She went to University Park to complete her degree in the College of Communications, graduating in spring 2005 with a major in media studies. During her time at Penn State, she was involved with several organizations including Lion Ambassadors and THON. She currently works as an escrow officer at First American Title Insurance Company in King of Prussia, PA. She serves as the Secretary for the Penn State Alumni Association for Delaware County and serves on their community service, activities and website development committees. She also is a coach for the Mean Green Canoe Team with the Girl Scouts of Eastern PA. She looks forward to continuing her connection with Penn State and working with the community.

We found a photo of Toni Hoffman with the poster she presented at our campus research symposium in 2003. Toni's title and abstract are included here.


Student Researcher: Toni Hoffman (Communications) Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Guertin (Earth Science)
The purpose of my investigation was to determine the effect of erosion caused by the jetties in Ocean City Maryland on Assateague Island. There are two jetties, built in the 1930's, which scientists believe are blocking sediment transport to Assateague Island through the currents. By collecting samples of sediment in various areas on the beach, my goal is to try to detect if the compositions of the sediment samples from each location are the same and to see if sediment from Ocean City is being transported to Assateague Island. The samples were collected from the berm, the high tide line, the intertidal zone and further back along the beach from both locations. I then looked at the samples under a microscope to determine different characteristics of the sediment, such as composition, grain size, grain sorting, and grain roundness. From these findings, I am able to determine a lack of longshore sediment transport from Ocean City to Assateague Island. I will also discuss what measures can be taken to stop the erosion of sediment at Assateague Island.

Toni Hoffman at EURECA, Spring 2003 Toni Hoffman presenting her coastal research, Spring 2003.

Spring 2008 honors course syllabi

Descriptions for Spring 2008 courses (PDF file)

*ANTH 001U, Introductory Anthropology (3 credits, GS, US, IL) (syllabus in PDF format)

CAS 100H, Effective Speech (3 credits, GWS) (syllabus in PDF format)

ECON 002H, Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy (3 credits, GS) (syllabus in PDF format)

*L ST 301H, Information Research Methods and Systems (1 credit) (syllabus in PDF format)

YFE 211H, Foundations: Civic and Community Engagement (3 credits) (syllabus in PDF format)

*denotes courses offered only in the honors program

Alumni News and Spotlight

At Penn State Brandywine, our honors community is a very close group - some students even refer to us as "family."  We care deeply about the personal and professional development of the honors scholars while on campus, after heading to University Park, and after graduation.  We use this section of our blog to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of our Cooper and Schreyer Scholars.  May these alumni continue with their successes and serve as an inspiration to current and future scholars.

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