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Summer 2009 and Fall 2009 graduates

Congratulations to some very amazing scholars that have graduated from Penn State Brandywine in 2009.  Lindley Jones (Summer 2009) graduated as the first Schreyer Scholar from the Penn State Brandywine four-year Schreyer honors program (left photo).  Dana Gibson, Emily Robb, and Adrienne Showalter (in right photo, left to right) graduated in Fall 2009.


Lindley Jones, Schreyer Scholar, honors in Science, Technology & Society. Thesis title: INTERNATIONAL CHARM: A JEWELRY COLLECTION OF SPANISH AND MOROCCAN INFLUENCE

Dana Gibson, Schreyer Scholar, honors in English and American Studies. Thesis title: "AM I YOUR SLAVE?" WILLIAM PARKER AND "THE FREEDMAN'S STORY"

Emily Robb, Cooper Scholar, honors in civic and community enagement. Thesis title: BUILDING A HUGGY PILLOW VOLUNTEER NETWORK FOR HOSPITAL CARDIAC UNITS

Adrienne Showalter, Schreyer Scholar, honors in English. Thesis title: SENSATIONAL LIVES: BYRON AND ROBINSON'S LIVES MIRRORED IN LITERATURE

Spring 2008 graduates

On Saturday, May 17, 2008, Paul Hurych and Devin Zuczek graduated from the Cooper Honors Program at Penn State Brandywine, both with degrees in Information Sciences & Technology.  Paul's Capstone project was titled: "Video stenography utilizing individual frames for embedding content,"  while Devin's Capstone project was titled: "Human behaviors and interactions in a virtual world."  Both students worked under Mr. James McGlinchey and presented their work at the Eastern Colleges Conference of Sigma Xi (The Scientific Research Society).

Devin Zuczek and Paul Hurych, Spring 2008 Cooper Honors graduates Devin Zuczek (left) and Paul Hurych (right), Cooper Honors graduates in Spring 2008

At University Park, four former Brandywine honors scholars graduated from the Schreyer Honors College: Alan Meng, Leah Semmelhaack, Daniel McGarity and Kurt Kunz.

Congratulations to Paul, Devin, Alan, Leah, Dan and Kurt!

Spring 2007 graduates

Janice Kuehn graduated May 19, 2007, with a degree in English.  Her Cooper Honors capstone project is titled: "Penn State Delaware County's 30-hour program students, bridging the gap."  Janice examined the skills and communication preferences of faculty and students and how both audiences perceive each other.  Janice concluded her research with a proposal on how to develop students' communication skills, especially with email etiquette, and how to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.  Her thesis advisers were Dr. Adam Sorkin and Dr. Laura Guertin.

Janice Kuehn, Spring 2007 Cooper Honors graduates Janice Kuehn (far right) receiving her Cooper Honors graduation certificate.

Former Brandywine honors scholar Michele Tessmer graduated from the Schreyer Honors College in Spring 2007 with degrees in Economics and Marketing.  Her senior thesis is titled: "Life at ease: a complete marketing analysis and one-year promotional campaign."  She completed this work for a new start-up company in the Pittsburgh area.  Former Brandywine student Saalim Carter also graduated from the Schreyer Honors College in Spring 2007 with a degree in history.  His senior thesis is titled: "Labor unions and antitrust legislation: judicial activism vs. judicial restraint from 1890-1941."

Congratulations to Janice, Michele and Saalim!

Fall 2006 graduate

Former Brandywine honors scholar Julia Hagan graduated from the Schreyer Honors College in Fall 2006 with a major in Journalism and minor in International Studies.  Her senior thesis was titled: "The Philadelphia experiment: consequences and proposals for local newspaper ownership." 

Congratulations, Julia!

Spring 2006 graduates

On May 13, 2006, Karen Craig and Shana Goldson graduated from the Cooper Honors Program.  Karen graduated with a degree in English, and Shana completed her degree in business.  Both scholars completed the minor in civic and community engagement.

Two former Brandywine Cooper Scholars graduated from the Schreyer Honors College at the University Park campus.  Brett Radusevich graduated with honors and with distinction in finance from the Smeal Business College.  His thesis is titled: "The effects of downsizing and pensions on corporate America and the U.S. airline industry."  Chino Mannikarottu graduated with honors in chemistry from the Eberly College of Science.  Her thesis is titled: "Synthesis and analysis of a series of novel thiazolidin-one derivatives."

Congratulations to Karen, Shana, Brett and Chino!

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