Integrative Arts 10


Patrick Trimble


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King of Komedy Mack Sennett

Cinema Farce

Mack Sennett and the Chase

Chaplin in the Gold rush

Cinema Comedy

True Comedy comes to the Silver Screen

The First Talkie

Sound Cinema

New Technology, New Problems

Groucho Marx

Sound Comedy

Getting It Right: Utilizing Sound in the Movies

Bringing Up Baby

Screwball Comedy

Romance and Misunderstanding

Marilyn Monroe

American Studio System

Glitz, Glamor and Gears

Malteese Falcon

Film Noir

Darkness and Despair

Jack Benny in Studio

Golden Age of Radio

Comedy for your Imagination

TV Head

Exam 2

Scott McCloud

Graphic Design

Ignatz loves Krazy

American Comic Strips

Cap America socks Hitler

Comic Books

Speigelman's Maus

Graphic Novels

Peewee at Amazing Larry's

Post Modernism

Beavis & Butthead

Exam 3

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