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Faculty and Staff

Frances Blanco-Yu, Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry

Randy Bookshar, Adjunct Instructor in Science

Tracie Brockhoff, Demonstration and Equipment Specialist or 724-334-6742

Marcia Curler, Instructor in Radiological Sciences or 724-334-6722

William Hamilton, Assistant Professor of Biology or 724-334-6717

David Iwig, Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry

Debra Majetic, Instructor in Radiological Sciences or 724-334-6738

Robert Mathers, Associate Professor of Chemistry or 724-334-6741

Usha Raghu, Adjunct Instructor in Biology

Fred Ridener, Associate Professor of Physics or 724-334-6732

Frank Roach, Adjunct Instructor in Physics

Deborah Sillman, Senior Instructor in Biology or 724-334-6092

Tamanna Sultana, Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry

Jane Viti, Adjunct Instructor in Biology

David Wohleber, Adjunct Instructor in Chemistry