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Observation Point 14Emerging from the Oak Trail you will see that you are back at the Outdoor Classroom and the edges of the planted red pine stand and its bordering white ash edge. Note the transition from a natural successional forest back into a human modified area. The forest here seems simpler than it was along the 'natural' parts of the Trail. There is a more open feeling of light and use and control.

Big Toothed Aspen
There is one last tree to mention on the Trail. As far as we have been able to determine this is the only specimen of this species on the Trail. It is a big toothed aspen, a very attractive but unexpected tree. This species is usually associated with more northern locales or the higher elevations of mountain ridges. To see the aspen, stand with your back to the end of the Oak Trail and look due north (straight across the trail). Note the large, distinctively toothed leaves and the unique, mottled bark.

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