This section of trail is home to a few white oak trees that are possibly 100 to 150 years old. These trees were left by loggers who cut the forest 60 or so years ago to be a "nurse trees" for the re-growing forest. Some of the acorns from these oaks have fallen to the forest floor and germinated to become seedlings. The dispersal of these acorns is assisted by a variety of animals.

White oak tree trunk in winter

View of a huge white oak tree in winter

Oak trees because of their great heights, longevity and abundant acorn production will increasingly dominate this section of the forest. Many generations of poplars will grow and fall under these steadily growing oaks. A variety of other trees may become established in the scattered, increasingly limited spaces in this oak community. The long-term success of these other trees will depend on chance and the availability of space, nutrients and light.

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