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Finals week is here again, and I still remember when last semester was ending and when this blog was almost a month old. For over five months I have been blogging, and hopefully you've had as much fun reading as I have had writing. The details of whether or not I will be continuing are not yet sorted out, but I will gladly keep going! 
I will be spending the second half of summer back on campus to keep doing research. Astrofest will be in July - there will be plenty of activities for me to report on. 
While I won't be posting every Monday for the upcoming weeks, I will be dropping a few thoughts every now and then, and things should resume when I get back around mid-June.

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In one of my earliest posts, I included a plot from That illustrated the growth of discoveries since the 90s up to 2011. Now I've added an updated plot, going up to mid-2012. Numbers have shifted, espcially because of Kepler's results. This year is far from over, so expect that last bar to increase. Perhaps in another five or six months, we can see again how it has grown.  

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Wow, what happened in 2011? o_o Exponential exoplanet explorations.

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