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Over the weekend, I saw a post on Life, Unbounded, a science blog I follow. It featured these two images taken by the Curiosity rover:

27 mars.jpg

Source - NASA JPL

27 mars b.jpg

Source - NASA JPL

The first image is a self-portrait taken with the camera on its arm, featured in the second picture. When I first saw these pictures, I thought, "It's so weird." The self-portrait is very similar to what some of us would do while we're visiting different places - it's typical tourist behavior. Suddenly, Curiosity's presence on Mars seemed concrete to me, and I felt another wave of awe. As I go to classes and work through my daily routines, Curiosity is busy exploring another planet.  

If you are interested, here are some ways to follow the rover:

twitter  /  facebook  /  official site

Speaking of social media, has been getting more involved starting this summer. Ultimately, we are a website, and we want people to get the most out of it. Follow our twitter (@ExoplanetsOrg) to get updates on when we add planets or make changes to the database. You should also "like" us on facebook, although that is still under development.

Updating facebook and tweeting? I get to do that for research from time to time. I guess you can't predict what you will end up doing in research, but that's what makes it exciting.

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