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I didn't think this semester would be so different. My course load seemed reasonable, and I even added yoga to balance out my five main classes. But I seemed to have lost a grasp on time management. I've felt basic college stress before, although not like this. This semester, I've often been on the brink of tears. I haven't exactly neglected research, but I haven't been giving as much time for it. I can't quite decide which class to work on first, so the work becomes scrambled, and I somehow have made it to the last few weeks. I've stopped blogging.

Anyone deciding to start research will worry about time management. I've reached the point where responsibilities have started clashing. After two years, I no longer do research mainly for the experience - I want to contribute. My classes are challenging but that is exciting, and, for the past year, I've enjoyed blogging. Valuing these three aspects of my life, I now have all these priorities but I don't know how to sort them. However, as Ron points out: 

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It seems straightforward to compare stressful situations to a steep climb. Instead of thinking about a figurative hill, I remembered one I have personally hiked up. In my junior year of high school, I trekked in Tiger Leaping Gorge, located near Lijiang, Yunnan, in the south of China. One of the tougher parts of the route was termed "28 bends". It was a winding uphill struggle, making the heart put in effort to pump and the lungs reap for thin air at a high altitude I was not used to. There was no way I could have gone through all 28 bends without stopping. It's fine to sit down on a boulder and rest.

This hill is not infinite; we will all eventually pick ourselves up and keep going. At the start of the semester, I put up the two following items on my door. I was afraid I would lose sight of the message I had in mind back, and indeed I had for awhile. Now, the reason I placed them there has come back to me: Remind yourself everyday where you're going, and why you're going there.

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