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In a few days, it will be 2013 and a week closer to something I have been looking forward to for a while: the 221st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society. From January 6 through 10, the meeting will take place in Long Beach, California. A few months ago, Dr. Wright told me that he was going to send me and Eunkyu, my fellow student researcher, to the meeting, and I was thrilled. Attending meetings and presenting your work is one of the best parts of undergraduate research!

We made sure to register and submit our abstracts early. Eunkyu and I have branched off in our duties in research, so we will be presenting separate posters. This past week, I have been working on my poster. Once I fleshed out the content and scattered my figures around, it was just a small struggle against the distribution of white space. Over the summer, I took a required technical communication class; making this particular poster has put some of the design elements from that class to use.  

The poster is not yet complete, but I can't wait to hold the physical copy. I can't wait to stand next to it during my poster session on Wednesday, January 9. I can't wait to read the other posters, to meet people and learn of their research. I can't wait to attend the reception for undergrads. I can't wait to sit in on plenary sessions and lectures. I can't wait.

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