Holiday Greetings!

We're wishing you health, happiness, and joy this holiday season.

Despite the cold, Penn State is a beautiful place to be in the winter. 

All across the state, Penn Staters are celebrating the season.

At Penn State Behrend, the Festival of Trees raised money for THON.

Twelve student groups have designed trees as part of the Penn State Behrend Festival of Trees.

Festival of Trees

Twelve student groups have designed trees as part of the Penn State Behrend Festival of Trees, sponsored by Housing and Food Services and the Behrend THON committee. Faculty members, students and staff can vote for their favorite tree by donating money to that group’s THON can that sits next to the tree. All proceeds raised from the fundraiser will be donated to the Behrend THON collection fund.

Image: Penn State Behrend

And at Penn State Hershey, Santa paid a virtual visit to the children's hospital. 

A Black Graduate Student Association event gave the community an opportunity to celebrate Kwanzaa.

Kwanzaa candles being lit

The Black Graduate Student Association Celebrates Kwanzaa

Roger Walker, left, graduate student in material sciences, and Richkard Saint Louis, graduate student in nursing, lit the Mishumaa Saba (Seven Candles) at the annual Kwanzaa Extravaganza on Dec. 6. Kwanzaa —"first fruits" in Swahili—begins Dec. 26 and lasts through Jan. 1. 

Image: Bill Zimmerman

And Penn State Architecture students got in the spirit by building gingerbread houses. 

student working on gingerbread house

Architecture Students Construct Gingerbread Houses

A student worked on making his gingerbread house stand. The students' designs had to have architectural precedents and included Santa's house, the Venturi House, the Stuckeman School, as well as the Empire State Building.

Image: Stephanie Swindle