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Saving the Chesapeake

10/13/17As Pennsylvania renews efforts to clean the state's waterways and the Chesapeake Bay, Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is crafting a strategy in which farmers can help.

Building a Better Bandage

10/11/17Research allows Penn State faculty to develop a biofoam pad to replace traditional methods of wound treatment.

Paying it Forward

10/11/17A first-generation American and college student, Jorge Zurita-Coronado intends to use his Penn State degree to advocate for others who think college is out of their reach.

Pairing Education with Recovery

10/11/17Addict turned graduate, U.S. Army veteran, Danielle Joliet is on a mission to share her story in order to show others the possibilities associated with a Penn State education.

One Root at a Time

10/10/17Entrepreneur Hunter Swisher turned an idea to enhance root growth in plants into a viable product, and he is now making a difference on the green and in business.

Teaming Up Against Bullying

10/10/17Leveraging Penn State's entrepreneurial ecosystem, educator Linsey Covert has developed a business model for delivering anti-bullying curriculum to teachers across Pennsylvania.

Smart Fabrics

10/10/17Felecia Davis leverages Penn State’s network of expertise to weave art with science in reimagining the use of everyday fabrics.

Tapping an Ancient Wisdom

10/10/17Penn State food scientist, Jairam Vanamala, combines ancient wisdom with cutting-edge research to promote diet over medicinal treatments in the fight against cancer.