Columbia lands at 12:09 PM EDT, 5/3/98!
Welcome to the STS-90 crew's home page, a chronicle of events that will lead to the launch of the Neurolab payload. This web site is to allow family, friends, and others to follow our preparations for the 25th flight of the space shuttle Columbia, now scheduled for April 17, 1998.
During our 17 day mission we'll be orbiting the earth at an altitude of 150 nautical miles. Our launch inclination of 39 degrees will take us over cities as far north as Baltimore, Maryland, and as far south as Melbourne, Australia. The Spacelab module, located in the shuttle's cargo bay, will be our workshop and home to 26 neuroscience experiments.  Spacelab is a familiar friend to scientists, having flown on 15 other shuttle missions, but Neurolab will be its last flight as the construction of the International Space Station draws near. 
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