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Launch information.
Get the latest public launch info here at the Kennedy Space Center

Family members and invited guests can get launch information here (password protected)

Click below for information about:

Much of this information is provided courtesy of the STS-86 crew.
Also, thanks to astronaut  Lt. Col. Scott "Doc" Horowitz, USAF, for collecting telephone numbers and much of the sightseeing info listed below.

Viewing a launch

If you're interested in coming to the launch, you may write to the Kennedy Space Center for a free car pass on the NASA Causeway, which is a terrific vantage point to experience the sights, sounds and vibrations of the event:

        Car Passes PA-Pass
        Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
        Telephone: 407-867-2622

Be advised that these passes are limited, and are good for only the launch requested. If  the a launch is delayed, the pass will be good for the subsequent launch attempt(s).  Car passes are mailed out 30 days prior to the scheduled launch.

As of 1/23/98 there are no additional public car passes available for viewing the STS-90 launch from the NASA causeway.  Please follow the FAQ link below to find other areas to view the launch

For up-to-the-minute information during the 24 hours preceding launch, you may call 407-867-2468 for a recorded message. For tips on watching a launch or landing at KSC, you might want to also check out this FAQ site.

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STS-90 Memorabilia

We've decided to list a few places for you to look for space goodies. While we can't recommend one source over another, this list should give you a start: While we cannot and do not imply endorsement for any of the above vendors, we'd be happy to list other retailers who provide like merchandise.

Several Neurolab logos are on file with the folks at Lands End.  Their toll-free number is 800-338-2000.  Here's the logo numbers if you're interested in having a shirt embroidered:

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Local Attractions

Witnessing a Space Shuttle launch first-hand is one of the most breath-taking things you'll ever see. If you plan on attending the launch, the following information should help orient you to the area.  In addition to the launch and seeing KSC, there are plenty of  things to do in central Florida besides sit on the beach (although that isn't too bad, either...). The following list should give you a few ideas on where to look:
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Finding a place to stay

If you're handy with the internet, here's some pages to check for lodging information in the Cocoa Beach and Titusville areas:  If you prefer the telephone to the internet for finding a place to stay, these telephone numbers may help:

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce:  (407) 459-2200 
Best Western Cocoa Inn:  (407) 632-1065 
Cape Colony Resort:  (407) 783-2252 
Cocoa Beach Oceanside Inn:  (407) 784-3126 
Comfort Inn & Suite Resort:  (407) 783-2221 
Days Inn Oceanfront:  (407) 783-7621 
Discovery Beach Resort:  (407) 868-7777 
Best Western Ocean Inn:  (407) 784-2550 
Hilton:  (407) 799-0003 

(800) 526-2609 

Holiday Inn Cocoa Beach Resort:  (407) 783-2271 
Howard Johnsons:  (407) 783-9222 

(800) 654-2000 

Motel 6:  (407) 783-3103 
Ocean Landing Resort:  (407) 783-9430 
Ocean Suite Hotel:  (407) 784-4343 
Wakulla Motel:  (407) 783-2230 


Titusville Chamber of Commerce:  (407) 267-3036 
Best Western Space Shuttle:  (407) 269-9100 
Super 8 Motel:  (407) 269-9310 
Holiday Inn:  (407) 269-2121 
Howard Johnsons:  (407) 267-7900 
Days Inn:  (407) 269-4480 
Ramada Inn:  (407) 269-5510 
  Finally, a few additional numbers: If you're willing to stray a bit further, consider the Florida Keys for SCUBA diving after the launch. Since you'll be driving right through the Everglades, you might want to even wrassle a 'gator in the Everglades National Park.
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[Florida Map]For a "Big Picture" look at the Kennedy Space Center area, take a look at this map. Most air arrivals come into Orlando, although bargain fares sometimes come into Tampa as well.

[Orlando-Titusville Area Map]Going up a bit closer, you can see the lay of the land in the Titusville/Cocoa/KSC area.

[Cocoa Beach/KSC Area Map]Finally, here you can see how to get from area hotels to the launch observation areas and Spaceport USA.

[KSC Map]If you just can't get enough, here's a map of the Kennedy Space Center itself.

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These pages copyright: The STS-90 Crew.