February 16, 1998 - Spouses in Space!

This week marked the second integrated ascent run for the orbiter crew, another KC-135 flight for the payload crew, and the spouse's tour of the SMS.

Trying to understand the training flow for a flight crew is complicated when you're doing it.  It's worse if you have to live with someone whose doing it.  That's why spouses are given a familiarization run in the SMS during the weeks approaching flight.  It helps provide a little better understanding of the ascent sequence, and what all of those seemingly cryptic calls before MECO might be.

Orbiter integration is proceeding well.  The Orbiter IVT was completed this week with only minor issues to address.  Payload training focused on animal experiments primarily.  Time in the Spacelab mockup is a little limited because of preparations for our first JIS the week of 2/23.  This is our first chance to introduce MCC to the payload operations aboard Neurolab, and we're looking forward to the opportunity!

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