February 9, 1998 - We have a new launch date!

After several weeks of rumor and discussion, the STS-90 launch date has been moved from 4/2/98 at 1:19 EST to 4/16/98 at 2:19 EDT. This is a much welcomed relief to our friends at KSC, who have been working extraordinary hours to repair an unprecedented amount of TPS damage after the STS-87 flight.  The Spacelab module was installed in the payload bay this week, concluding an era of Spacelab integration at the O&C Building.  A bittersweet moment with an eye to the future....the International Space Station!

Integrated ascent simulation are in their second week and proceeding well.  Rick and Scott had some fine STA runs at White Sands with beautiful flying weather.  Meanwhile, the payload crew participated in a pre-JIS to prepare for our first complete JIS th week of 2/23.  This marked the first time that the POCC had coordinated their activities from Building 30 at JSC. It took an hour of rapid reconfiguation to get all of the comm lines sorted out well...another "opportunity" successfully exploited!  We simu ted two of our "late bloomer" experiments - virtual reality and recording spatial maps from our rodent subjects.  Both studies made solid strides.  The complexity and maturity of this payload impresses all of us!  Thanks for the continued great work by th scientists and engineers at JSC, ARC, and participating universities who are making Neurolab a reality!

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