March 16, 1998 - Up, down, in, out

Sim city for the STS-90 crew! This week included another ascent and entry sim for the orbiter crew, and a deorbit prep sim for the entire crew. All were busy and productive. In addition, we had our first crew simulation "in the vertical" as we practiced suit-up, ingress, and strap-in procedures in a vertical crew-compartment trainer. Just when you think youíre getting comfortable with the location of everything, somebody goes and turns the entire world on itís side...literally! One of the more unusual surprises is that in the vertical position, you climb "down" to the flight deck, rather than going "up" the ladder! Climbing "up" into seats feels like getting into an upper bunk bed, except the bedís a little more than a foot wide! A great shakedown for our upcoming terminal countdown test.

Payload training still demands a large portion of our time. The dissection and procedure skills weíve spent months (in some cases, years) to perfect need to stay sharp! In addition, last minute details and unusual training (example: how do you perform CPR in microgravity?) need to be completed. In all, we feel very ready to fly Neurolab!

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