Bellisario College seeks engagement to bolster internship opportunities

After years of sending emails, Bob Martin hopes to receive some

Assistant Dean Bob Martin (center) leads the three-person Office of Internships and Career Services in the Bellisario College that includes Stephanie Girouard (left) and Julie Miller. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

Students in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications at Penn State know of a few certainties about the University: the blue-and-white school colors, “We Are ...” is always followed by a rousing “Penn State!” and Bob Martin’s emails matter.

Martin, the assistant dean for internships and career services, leads a student-centered, three-person team in the Bellisario College that shares internship and job leads with students almost every day.

Those timely and vital emails are part of the comprehensive student services the office provides, and those emails regularly lead to opportunities for students. Generations of Penn Staters with a communications degree have a story about Martin, his emails and the services and support of the Office of Internships and Career Services.

This spring, though, because of the coronavirus pandemic, shifting business models and stay-at-home approaches, those emails with opportunities are flowing a little more slowly. Martin and his team need some help finding and identifying internships for students.

“On a typical day, we send five to 10 internship leads through our almost famous email listserv. Needless to say, these are not typical days,” Martin said. “The number of opportunities we’re sharing has slowed to a trickle.”

So, alumni and friends who work at a company with an internship or virtual internship opportunity, or work at someplace that might consider such an opportunity, are encouraged to contact Martin by email ( or phone (814-863-4674).

Emails to Martin should include application deadline and details as well as key contact information. Opportunities do not need to last 12 to 15 weeks — they can be “micro internships” — and virtual internship experiences are point of emphasis as well.

“What an easy way to impact our students in a huge way at such a critical time. This is an opportunity for all of us to show our students how we are one community and that Penn Staters support each other in a time of need,” Martin said.

Last Updated June 14, 2021