Bellisario College students getting hands-on experience during spring break

Students in the telecommunications course led by faculty member Ben Cramer (left) will be making a working trip to the Czech Republic, accompanied by fellow faculty member Anne Doris (right), during spring break. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Working trips for students in each of the five majors offered by the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications will extend the Penn State campus across the globe during spring break.

More than 50 students will participate in the trips as part of “embedded courses,” which complement semester-long classes on the University Park campus with weeklong international experiences. Each of the trips provides hands-on opportunities for students to learn more about or put into practice what they have been studying in the classroom during the spring semester.

Trips the week of March 5 will take students and faculty to: Costa Rica (advertising/public relations), the Czech Republic (telecommunications), Israel (journalism), Portugal (film-video), and South Africa (media studies).

Students are generally focused on projects or in-depth studies during the trips. 

For example, the trip to Israel is part of the international reporting course and the trip to Portugal provides the backdrop for the international documentary course where students will complete interviews and shoot for films about the Portuguese medical system, bullfighting in the country, and an internationally known hospital that “treats” toy dolls, among others.

The itineraries for the media studies and telecommunications students in South Africa and the Czech Republic, respectively, include meetings with media members and regulators, visits to broadcast facilities and visits to other institutions of higher education. Advertising/public relations students in Costa Rica will work with two non-governmental organizations and produce social media campaign plans they can use to support long-term goals of sustainability and women’s empowerment.

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Last Updated June 14, 2021