Carney named recipient of 2020 Graduate Faculty Teaching Award

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — JoLynn Carney, associate professor of counselor education in the College of Education, has received the 2020 Graduate Faculty Teaching Award.

JoLynn Carney Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

The award, established in 1992 by The Graduate School, is presented to faculty members in recognition of outstanding teaching performance and advising of graduate students.

Colleagues said Carney, who is the doctoral coordinator for counselor education, is committed to her students both as an educator and mentor in and out of the classroom. She’s credited with possessing a high level of knowledge, passion for advising her students and being able to convey difficult concepts clearly.

Through the counseling education program, Carney strives to give her students the culturally competent tools they need to have an impact in the real world for a variety of academic, career, substance abuse and mental health needs.

“Her ultimate constituency is the clients which her students will serve,” a nominator said. “Carney uses this point of emphasis to provide guidance and motivation to her students. This is an important life lesson. It’s not always about us; it is about those whom we serve.”

A former student said Carney helped her succeed in graduate school while juggling the challenges of being an international student who was fully employed while tackling interdisciplinary research.

“I struggled to maintain my wellness, confidence and persistence at times,” the former student said. “The most critical aspect of my support system at Penn State was Dr. Carney’s invaluable supervision and mentorship. As a truly experienced researcher and genuinely dedicated educator, Dr. Carney was able to facilitate my personal and career goal setting from a unique perspective.”

Another student said Carney is able to apply what she knows in counselor education to be a support net for her students while advancing their education.

“One of the great strengths in her teaching is a continuous emphasis on the growth mindset,” a nominator said. “She has a strong mindset as an educator, and she cares about her students and their future clients in the counseling profession.”

Last Updated April 08, 2020