'The Dreamery Sessions' podcast wraps up Season 1

Sam Richards and Jeff Hamel joined "The Dreamery Sessions" to talk about streaming SOC 119 around the world. Credit: Penn StateCreative Commons

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. –  “The Dreamery Sessions” podcast launched this fall featuring stories of Penn State faculty and students who deliver on two critical themes of Penn State’s Strategic Plan -- transforming education and driving digital innovation.

The Season 1 catalog of episodes includes conversations about how digital fluency, innovation, creativity, and emerging technology are being used to improve how teaching and learning happen at Penn State. Zach Lonsinger, learning experiences designer with Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT), and Ray Schmitt, public relations specialist with TLT, co-host each episode of “The Dreamery Sessions.”

"We’re so grateful for all of the Season 1 guests who spent some time sharing their stories with us,” noted Schmitt. “Each conversation is truly inspiring and shows how our University community supports innovative teaching and learning in meaningful ways,” added Lonsinger.

Episodes for Season 1 of “The Dreamery Sessions” include:

Ep. 0 – Welcome to “The Dreamery Sessions”
Ep. 1 – The DICE Talk
Ep. 2 – Streaming SOC 119 around the world
Ep. 3 – Penn State’s Maker-in-Residence
Ep. 4 – Teaching in an experimental classroom
Ep. 5 – Digital Fluency at Penn State Greater Allegheny
Ep. 6 – Student Innovation
Ep. 7 – The Moral Moments story

Interested listeners can subscribe to “The Dreamery Sessions” via Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Episodes can also be streamed on the TLT website.

Planning is underway for Season 2 of "The Dreamery Sessions," and more details will be announced at a later date.


Last Updated December 19, 2019